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If you are a great car dealer, automotive repair shop, service station or any kind of business who would benefit selling FW1 and placing your business a cut above the rest with an amazing product that, when demonstrated, walks out the door, please email us at or click the Contact Us button below!  We would love to hear from you!

If you’re a business looking to become a stockist of one of Australia’s leading car cleaning products, FW1, talk to us!


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Why Stock FW1 As Your Preferred Car Cleaning Sales Product, One Of The Best Car Detailing Products Australia?

Why Stock FW1 As Your Preferred Car Cleaning Sales Product, One Of The Best Car Detailing Products Australia?

  • FW1 is one of the highest selling products throughout the world with sales in the hundreds of millions.
  • Known also as ‘Fast Wax’ it derives it’s name from the car pits of racing and was developed as a ‘fast clean’ product for the industry.
  • FW1 is is a non-toxic product, made with carnauba wax, with no ammonia.
  • It is completely safe for humans.
  • It DOES NOT scratch the paint on your vehicles.  In fact, it protects them.
  • This is a good selling point as many other car cleaners are toxic and harmful.
  • This is a major concern for all car enthusiasts, as their vehicle is one of their prized possessions.

  • With its unique formula, FW1 is able to actually repair and renew the paint on vehicles.
  • When demonstrated either at shows, petrol stations, on the street, wherever you show the use of FW1, people are AMAZED at how effective the product is.
  • You merely have to just demonstrate it once.
  • The FW1 Waterless Car Wash Wax and Polish literally sells itself once demonstrated.

  • Quite simply, selling FW1 makes you a good profit.
  • The product is very easy to sell.
  • If you are a car club, a motor mechanic, smash repairer, any kind of automotive specialist, even a petrol station, you have your target market right in front of you.
  • The customers come to you.  You do not have to seek them out.  They find you!

Any stockist who comes onboard with FW1 will be promoted on our website, be searchable on our dedicated Find A Stockist Page.  We will also tag you and promote you on social media and even support you with ideas to market the product on your website or in any digital space.

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