FW1 Cleaning Wax was originally designed to save time in the world of motor racing, where seconds decide a win. Today, FW1 is no longer a trade secret of champions – each year, over 10 million cans are sold globally! Unlike traditional car cleaning products, FW1 Cleaning Wax requires NO water – its unique formula of lubricants and carnauba wax lifts dirt and grime away from paint and other non-porous surfaces quickly and easily saving time, water and money. And better still, FW1 Cleaning Wax is a Smart Approved Watermark product, which means it meets the fundamentals of water conservation.


FW1 isn’t just for cars – you can use the best multipurpose cleaner on your motorcycle, truck, caravan, boat, bicycle and even your kitchen sink! FW1 is perfect for use on vehicle panels, glass, chrome, fibreglass, mirrors, stainless steel, aluminium, non-porous plastics, tiles and more!


Car enthusiasts love FW1. They’ve told us they don’t pay for car detailing – they DIY using the best car detailing products right here. Why? because it saves them money and keeps their prized possessions looking cleaner for longer! Home cleaning is easy with FW1. Our houseproud customers say FW1 eliminates the need to have multiple products – it replaces your shower cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner and more. FW1 Cleaning Wax is the ultimate all purpose product for in and around your home. Our customers who live in apartments love the convenience of FW1 Cleaning Wax – it requires no water which means you don’t need to go searching for a bucket and hose.

Alissa Munn

I am from Tamworth and we are in a massive drought, Level 5 water restrictions which has meant no washing cars for some time.  I had a rep call into work with this stuff esterday and was an amazing salesman.  I bought 4 cans.  Tried it on my metallic blue SS and I am very impressed!  I have have a sparkling clean car with not a drop of water needed!  My Car is 10 Years old and duite sun damaged so I was happy with the mirro image after using FW1.  Thanks guys, I’m going to tell all my friends who are car enthusiasts and living through this drought!

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Wayne Waimotu

It’s a great product which I use on almost anything for cleaning, but rimarily for the car.  I was reading some of the message and many negative, I think people need to have a bit more direction/training on how to use the stuff, cause some don’t get it straight away.  If you know how to use FW1 “Properly” it’s pretty much a no turn back from there.

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Ethan Baughman

Bought 12 cans of this stuff for my truck.  I highly recommend it.

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Tye Browning

This stuff does more than soap and water can do!  True mirror finish.  Only took about an hour to do the whole truck, including rims!  Happy customer.

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