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FW1 is one of the best classic car cleaning products and classic car detailing products in Australia.

Australia’s Best Classic Car Wash, Polish and Wax

Australian Classic Car Enthusiasts muse and discuss at length the fact that you were able to import a High-Performance V8 Shelby Mustang from the USA  when the exchange rate was much more favourable. Still today an early fully loaded Shelby Mustang can be won for around US$100,000 as opposed to the locally produced 1971 XY Ford GTHO Phase 3 with a few selling over the year for in excess of $1,000,000.


Image: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Shelby GT 500

Still to this day the standard XY GT Falcons are advertised for well over $200,000.  Why? Because we grew up watching Bathurst where Ford and Holden fought for Pole Position and then raced to death. We all supported one or the other.

A 1972 Ferrari Dino is worth around US$277,000 and  US$347,000, while the Ferrari F40 has sold up to US1.6 MILLION, another amazing classic car manufacturer.  (If you are a Ferrari enthusiast look up the Ferrari Club of NSW; we’re honoured to be one of their sponsors).


Image: Ferrari F40

Those of us who grew up as Baby Boomers and Generation X all watched Alan Moffat and Peter Brock as they raced to vie for the Holy Grail of First Place in our Australian Car Racing events.  The viewership and media consumption over the history of the Racing Car and car races in Australia is a testament to the fact that we have a passion for motorsport. Not only that, the value of the Ford GT Falcon is perhaps the most arguable true testimony that we have a greater and deep passion for nationally produced and manufactured cars.  Car racing is a part of the tapestry of our national identity and a significant thread in our weave.

In the 60s and 70s in Australia, anyone who owned a classic car was thought of as a little odd, really.  These days, doctors, dentists, lawyers, high profile entrepreneurs all buy classic cars, not just as a passion but also because of their intrinsic and increasing value.  They are a powerful investment.

What is a classic car enthusiast?

According to the Urban Dictionary a ‘Car Enthusiast’ is …

An individual that loves anything to do with cars and their counterparts, one who can talk for hours about cars and not get tired of it. These people do not hate on others for their vehicle choice and modification…  These people are in a somewhat small but lively community worldwide which engages in car meets, TV shows, blogs, forums, games, magazines, etc…Car enthusiasts will always be where the cars are, sharing our love of the automobile for what a car is, art.

The Cost Of Maintaining A Classic Car In The Modern Day

Along with the cost of maintaining these beauties is the maintenance and keep to showroom condition.  A minimum paint job these days is $20k on a ‘classic car’. When you get into the show quality it gets up to between $60-$100k just for a paint job.  If it is a certain metallic, a rarer metallic, it is very hard to match. We spoke to a classic car owner who had one scratch on the door of his classic car and had to spray the whole car because it could not be colour matched.  You simply cannot have products that maintain your car and risk scratching the surface of your precious ‘baby’.

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Image: 1957 White Chevrolet Sedan

Best Way to Wash Dust Off A Classic Car

Classic Cars have not changed, but the way we care for them has…  Especially in extreme drought conditions in Australia.

FW1 is the perfect car wash cleaner for the Classic Car Enthusiast of Australia.

FW1 Is The Perfect “How To Deep Clean A Classic Car” Solution

FW1 Car, Wash and Polish is a product that utilises carnauba wax and lubricants and has the ability to ‘lift’ dirt and grime off the surface of your classic car and encapsulate the dirt and grime without affecting the paintwork, removing the risk of scratching while washing, waxing and polishing. One of the best classic car cleaners, it’s also a waterless product, perfect for drought conditions when you own a classic car.  Simply use a microfibre cloth to wipe off the detritus with a completely waterless, scratch-free car wash solution for your precious car. FW1 is a three in one product to wash, wax and polish, making it the best polish for classic cars.  It actually removes oxidation and can even restore faded paint in some cases.  FW1 cleans the surface of your motor vehicle protecting your clearcoat leaving nothing behind but a layer of carnauba wax to protect and shine. And, it only takes 30 minutes to have your veteran, vintage, or classic car sparkling with a showroom shine!  It’s the perfect companion for car show detailing to how to show a classic car at its best.

Image of FW1 Premium Detail Kit Sale $75 Save $75 Easter April 2023 Sale.

The FW1 Cleaning Wax Detail Kit is designed for both convenience and multiple application use. The Detail Kit is the complete detail cleaning kit for your car.


  1. FW1 Cleaning Wax our flagship product, FW1 Cleaning Wax is a high performance 3 in 1 cleaning wax that is designed to wash, wax and polish your vehicle in just 30 minutes without the use of any water.
  2. TS2 Touchless Tyre Shine provides an ultra black, glossy shine to your tyres that’s long-lasting and water-resistant. TS2 leaves a protective film to guard against fading, drying and cracking.
  3. GP3 General Purpose Cleaner is designed to penetrate and break up oil, grease, dirt and soil with minimum effort. This special formulation cleans steel, plastic, rubber, tile, chrome, baked enamel objects and even glass.
  4. CU4 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner technology make short work of the toughest stains. The perfect companion for the car and home, CU4 treatment deodorises, removes stains, and protects upholstery, fabric, and carpet without wasting time or water.
  5. 1 x FW1 2PK Terry Towels
  6. 1 x FW1 3PK Microfibre Cloth

FW1 is extensively Lab Tested and Pit Proven and, in fact, originates from many years of development and real-life testing in the Pit lanes of Nascar.  Vintage coats, modern coats, you name it, FW1 will clean it.  Without affecting your coat of paint. Traditionally called ‘Fast Wax’ as it was developed to be able to clean vehicles in record time due to the mission-critical limits of the turnaround in the racing car pit.

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If you are new to ‘classic cars’ let us explain to you what the term means, and other terms that relate to it.

These days, in layman’s terms, people understand a ‘classic car’ to be a car that was manufactured in 1970 and before that is a ‘collectible’.  However, the true definition for a passionate classic car enthusiast is cars manufactured in the 40s to 50s and including 30s cars in the vintage range.

So there are three definitions you see.  Classic, Vintage and Veteran cars.

The Veteran Car, a Definition

A Veteran Car is a vehicle constructed pre-1919 (that is one of the oldest vehicles and first-ever manufactured cars).  


Image: Ford T circa 1921

This YouTube video shows what it was like to drive the original Ford T circa 1908.

The Vintage Car, a Definition

What classifies a car as vintage? A Vintage car is a vehicle constructed after 1919 and up to and including 1930.  Sometimes enthusiasts also class these cars as ‘antique’. In this period cars were evolving, becoming more comfortable, practical and convenient for those who owned them

It gets a little tricky though using the definition of antique because others regard any car aged more than 25 years at the present day as antique.  

The Classic Car, a Definition

Classic Cars fall into categories of any car older than 20-25 years.  Btw, automobiles ranging from around `15 to 25 years old are sometimes referred to as modern classic cars or ‘youngtimers’.  These are generally rejected though as a true antique or classic car by hardcore car enthusiasts. Classic car definitions vary greatly right throughout the world per country.  Most regard a classic car as a vehicle that has a historical interest significant enough to be regarded as valuable, collectible and worth preservation and restoration. There is a nostalgia involved.  A passion, honouring and deep respect of the motor vehicle engineers and visionaries of the past. Sometimes called ‘oldtimers’ or ‘older automobiles’ these cars remain celebrated and shared by Car Clubs and Car Associations world-wide.  Like-minded, passionate men and women who come together to share, celebrate, envy and covet any car, be it veteran, vintage or classic.

Want to understand the mystery, obsession and fascination with motorcar racing?

Well, you can do that by finding a movie on Netflix or Apple TV or whatever subscription service you have!

If you have a passion for the history of cars, there is a new fantastic movie called Ford Vs Ferrari.

It tells the story of the struggle between the American racing team hired by Ford to defeat Ferrari in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Definitely give it a look as it also captures how car racing captures the hearts of people like a fever and how absolutely engaged and dedicated and loyal those involved in this world are to not only the sport but to the cars that race in it.


FW1 Best Classic Car Cleaner

If you are like us, you have a passion (quite possibly some say a wonderful disease) that is a passion for cars and especially for classic cars.  In this modern-day with our antique vehicles, we need the best car wash solution for the Australian Classic Car Owner. FW1 is that car wash product.  A product to support you preserving the mint showroom condition of your investment and greatest love.  Over 10 million cans are sold globally each year. Many of them to classic car enthusiasts. Try FW1 today or contact us to demonstrate our amazing product at your next Classic Car Club meet.

FW1 & Ceramic Coating: A Match Made in Heaven

Is it possible to apply wax over a ceramic coating?

Absolutely! FW1 Cleaning Wax is perfectly compatible with ceramic coatings, offering you three key benefits:

  1. Extra Protection: Ceramic coatings are durable but still vulnerable to specific contaminants. FW1 adds an extra protective layer.
  2. Enhanced Shine: Some folks prefer the deep, glossy finish a good wax can provide. FW1 Cleaning Wax enhances your car's shine.
  3. Extended Longevity: Help your ceramic coating last longer by layering it with our high-performance FW1 Cleaning Wax.

Precautionary Steps
Always prioritise safety. We recommend a patch test on an inconspicuous area not obviously visible to ensure compatibility with your unique ceramic coating.

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