Australia’s Best Wash, Wax and Polish 

Keep it cleaner for longer with FW1 Cleaning Wax – it’s the perfect all-in-one cleaning product that can be used on your car, motorbike, truck, caravan, motorhome, boat, bicycle, windows, mirrors, and even your kitchen sink!

  • FW1’s Cleaning Wax has a unique formula so you don’t need any water to clean your prized possessions – just shake the can to activate, then spray, wipe and polish the dirt and grime away.
  • FW1 is a multipurpose cleaner – it washes, waxes and polishes in a single application.
  • Dirty to sparkling clean in just 30 minutes without water – saving you time and H2O.
  • The carnauba wax gives your prized possessions that showroom shine.
  • FW1 products have no alcohol or ammonia – so you will be left with streak-free mirrors, windows and glass in just minutes.
  • FW1’s anti-fog agent means no more steamed up bathroom mirrors or foggy windscreens.



Jess from VIC

“This is the best product I have ever purchased for my car. I have used FW1 Cleaning Wax for over five years on my car and it still looks like the paint is brand new!”

Mitchell from WA

Undoubtedly, FW1 Cleaning Wax is the best car cleaning product I have ever used. I also use the TS2 Touchless Tyre Shine and GP3 General Purpose Cleaner and rate them highly too.

Rod from NSW

FW1 is excellent, especially in water restricted areas – I use the wax to keep my motorhome clean.

Andy from VIC

I wouldn’t use anything else on my 1972 LJ Torana GTR XU1.

Peter from NSW

Great product – it gets the shower and windows clean without a lot of effort.

Dan from QLD

Why do I run out of cleaner so often?

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